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Although family, friends, and caregivers will never go out of fashion, technology is growing in importance in helping people stay independent at home longer, safer, and more happily. In fact, CoxHealth at Home has been pioneers in home care technology for four decades.

“Monitor” Means a Lot More Than “Alert”

Remote patient monitoring systems are not futuristic. In fact, you might say they are “present-istic” and growing. In fact, a recent Pew Foundations study reported that 21% of Americans are already using some sort of electronic device to track their health, such as heart rate and blood pressure.

With remote patient monitoring, we’ve taken it a step or two further. Since 2000, we’ve been providing chronically ill patients with home telehealth devices that are connected to our 24/7 nurse call center. Our team of nurses not only monitors information critical to maintaining a patient’s health, but also intervenes when necessary. This might be calling the patient to provide ongoing counseling and education, but it might also include alerting the patient’s primary and/or specialty physicians, too.

Positive Influence All Around

The benefits of remote patient monitoring systems extend in every direction. To the patient, they bring awareness, a sense of security, and satisfaction that in many cases enable them to remain in the homes they love. Results show that using these systems reduces their trips to the hospital significantly, too. In fact, our own experience at CoxHealth at Home is that they reduce hospitalizations and trips to the emergency room by 57% and reduce days spent in the hospital by 65%.

To caregivers, doctors, and health care professionals, these systems greatly increase the opportunity for collaboration, productivity, and effective care.

By connecting with CoxHealth at Home , too, people often choose to get a coach who can provide feedback and support for the steps that can address situations before they become health issues. This is a clear example of CoxHealth at Home ’s view that technology is just an important part of a more human service.

Personal Emergency Response

A simpler system, and one that many people use in addition or “on the way” to more complete monitoring systems, is a Personal Emergency Response System (PERS). This is a small device, handy to keep within reach at all times, that you can use to summon help in case of an accident, mishap, or health emergency.

CoxHealth at Home ’s Lifeline and GoSafe services provide peace of mind and security – whether at home, traveling, going to visit friends or family, or simply taking a walk outside. Lifeline and GoSafe provide two-way, always-available communication with our 24/7 response center.

If these new and better tools for living well at home sound like a good idea for your own goals and lifestyle, or that of a loved one, then CoxHealth at Home Health Care is ready and eager to help.

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