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One of the myths that are important to dispel is that people who choose home care are always confined to bed. In fact, even with a debilitating diagnosis, many people retain their independent mobility. Everyone is entitled to the greatest comfort that their caregivers – whether family or professional – can offer and being able to navigate through their own home is critical to this end.

Because mobility is so important to quality of life, CoxHealth at Homee makes orthopedics a priority. We offer expert care, support, and compassion for those recovering from orthopedic surgery, with the goal of helping them return to their previous level of mobility.

“Surgery” is Not Orthopedics’ Last Name

However, orthopedic surgery isn’t always required to received expert orthopedic care from our skilled team of clinicians. Stepping back, it’s easy to see that orthopedic treatment is not always curative, not always a matter of putting someone “back on the field.” For example, more people today are living with osteoarthritis and making their knees last as long as possible than are undergoing knee replacement procedures.

The fact that aggressive treatment is not the sole meaning of orthopedics is all around us.

What this Means for Home Care

The general perception of orthopedics is too often focused on new surgical techniques – such as robotics – and the next generation of joint implants for taking up where the body leaves off, whether because of aging or injury.

Often overlooked is the fact that many orthopedic conditions call for non-invasive treatments. Some involve no pain or recovery time, such as ultrasound. And some are downright comforting, such as warmth and massage.

Not giving up on safe mobility is the first lesson this holds for home care. The choice to remain at home actually demonstrates the spirit of this. When we choose the home environment, we are also choosing the chance to enjoy that environment without sadness, loneliness, or fear, and that calls for as much mobility as we can safely muster.

Who Decides?

Our patients and their families are the decision makers for their scope of care, and that’s true too when it comes to orthopedics. When home care is considered, it often requires the careful coordination of care plans in conjunction with the patient’s physicians to ensure the best care possible. This is where we excel, and we consider it one of our essential duties, especially when it comes to orthopedic care.

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